Pheasants Print A3


This is an A3 print taken from my original watercolour painting. The Epitome of British Wildlife....the English Pheasant...with their ultramarine shimmery heads and shades of vermillion and lilac along their backs, these are some of our most striking birds in the UK. I absolutely love Pheasants and I hope that has come out in my Painting.

Purchase Coasters, Greeting Cards or an A4 Print in this illustration too.

It's printed on A3 Aquarelle Cotton Rag paper and is archivable for upto 70 years. (Meaning, if you don't place this in direct sunlight, it won't fade for 70 years.) The Original of this can be also Purchased....if it hasn't sold already.

I am part of the whole printing process, right from the scanning, to adjusting the colours to ensure a true likeness to the original and right to the end product and printing. Printing takes place locally.

I paint the originals pieces in my 280+ year old English cottage. My paintings are handmade using high pigmented watercolour inks to achieve a statement piece of artwork.