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£70.00 - Coming soon

I'm excited to give you this rare opportunity to purchase a Bespoke Pomegranate Peaches Gift Box. There are only 5 available and only 1 of each. So grab one whilst you can! Please make the correct selection in the drop down menu.

1. Beeyouteaful
2. Woodland Walks
3. Gardeners Dream
4. Birds Lovers
5. I love Hares

Each gift box contains 1 x A4 Mounted Watercolour Print, 2 x Coasters, 1 x Pure Cotton Tea Towel, 1 x Handmade Bone China Mug and 2 x full size Gold dust Greeting Cards. The entire pack is worth over £88 plus shipping. Each Gift Pack comes in a crisp white box, filled with the gifts surrounded by peach tissue paper & Bumble Bee wrap. The box will then be wrapped in a double layer of brown ribbed paper to enable you to give the gift in the box it comes in. So the gift boxes, are ready to go and ready to be received.

I am offering these boxes for £70...that's a whopping £18 off!!! At least £18!
Shipping is to the UK only and will arrive via My Hermes, this will cost £7.

I paint the originals pieces in my 280+ year old English cottage. My paintings are handmade using high pigmented watercolour inks to achieve a statement piece of artwork. I am part of the whole printing process, right from the scanning, to adjusting the colours to ensure a true likeness to the original and right to the end product and printing. Printing takes place locally. Products featuring my illustrations are all handmade in England.

*Please do not use any voucher codes for these Gift Boxes. You order will be terminated if so. With the exception of local residents of Shepshed who can use the code provided on Facebook.

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