Gift Vouchers

£5.00 - £100.00

What a great way to allow your recipient to choose their Pomegranate Peaches purchase themselves. My Gift Vouchers come in £5, £10, £50 & £100 demoninations & can be used on any Pomegranate Peaches product.

When making your purchase please make sure you select the right amount you'd like. PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU REQUIRE MORE THAN ONE VOUCHER FOR MORE THAN ONE RECIPIENT. OTHERWISE I WILL PRESUME YOUR TOTAL VALUE IS FOR ONE RECIPIENT & THEREFORE FOR ONE VOUCHER. For example, if you purchase 1 x £5 and 1 x £50 vouchers, I will put the voucher value of £55 onto the gift voucher itself. (unless otherwise informed.)

How the gift vouchers work: Once you have purchased your chosen amount, I will write the value & expiry date on the voucher. Along with a code for the recipient to use on my website. This will be their unique code and the code will only be generated once you have made your purchase. Please note, no change is given & there will be only one unique code given per voucher.

I can ship direct to the recipient, gift wrapped and all & with a message from the buyer. If you wish for this to happen please ensure you put the full name and address of the recipient in the shipping address section. Be sure to message me with the note. If this isn't done, I will automatically send the vouchers to the address on the order form.

All vouchers come with a 1 year expiry date.
A flat rate of £1 is added for Worldwide Shipping.
No refunds or returns on vouchers.
***Do not use a discount code when purchasing gift vouchers. Your order will be cancelled if so.***