NEW! Fridge Magnets



Brand new to my website! I am so excited to launch these little gems. They're a great way to add some flare and a touch of contemporary to your home and kitchen. Featuring my very own watercolour illustrations. Mini pieces of art and affordable too!
Please make the correct selection from the drop down menu, they are in order of the first image, from the very top to the bottom, like so:
Vintage Peonies (lilacs and peaches)
Bumble Bees (top right)
Home picked Jewels Botanical Wreath
Blue Feather
Spring Line Up (middle far right)
Bee with splashes
Mouse on Brambles
Toadstool Mouse Glow
Sperm Whale

They are thick, substantial and beautifully display mini piece of artwork. These cmagnets can be wiped clean with a damp cloth & gentle multi purpose cleaner. They each measure 65mm x 46mm x 7mm, rectangle. They are glossy too!

The illustrations on each magnet are taken from my Original Watercolour Paintings that I hand create in the Heart of England. These are not mass produced. They make the perfect gift & add a true whimsical touch to any home.

The colours, image placement & sizing will vary slightly from magnet to magnet, and they definitely will vary in quality compared to my Prints with the same illustration on. So please bare this in mind when purchasing. The printer use for these magnets is a very different technology compared to the printer used for my Limited Edition Prints.

You can also purchase these illustrations as Prints, & some of the Original Paintings are still available.