Terms & Conditions

The images on my website are for example and advertising purposes only. The colour of your Original or Print may vary slightly compared to such image. Giftware will vary slightly in their image placement and rotation.

All Images are my own and all Artwork is my own and property of Charlotte Rennie. Once you have purchased my Artwork it becomes yours, but it is illegal to produce any products or Art from my designs.

I am a one-woman-band and run my Art business entirely by myself. Please allow for some delays as this is to be expected in busy times. May I also add I recently underwent treatment for Breast Cancer and I am still in treatment, at times, I may unexpectedly be delayed in responding to you, fulfilling any orders and or shipping your order. Please bear with me, I work my hardest.

If you would like to collaborate feel free to email me at lalalottier@googlemail.com. If you would like to stock my products in your physical or online shop, please email me.

Thank you kindly,