About Me

Pomegranate Peaches is a pseudonym for me otherwise known as Lottie. I am an Artist who creates vibrant illustrations in my English Cottage in the Heart of England. I like to collect Pottery, eat Doughnuts and I love to Cold Water Swim.

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My Original Watercolours are created using mainly Bespoke Handmade Watercolours. My speciality is using very rare and highly sought-after gemstone infused watercolour paints. These particular paints are extremely precious, rare and unique. They are literally made from the ground up. Pigments mined from the Earth below us. The large minerals are processed into pigment to real the colour within. From this pigment, paint makers and chemists blend it to the perfect ratio. Bringing out the natural beauty of each colour. Achieving an Original painting with more personality beyond the paper & subject, it’s creates more depth, luminance, iridescence earthiness, vibrancy and a professional, yes truly bespoke piece. These paints are my favourite and add, texture and a subtle natural shimmer.

I also use Fine Art Watercolour Inks or Metallic Watercolours. The inks are very pigmented and allow me to paint in a very free-spirited manner. The Metallics I use add that special and unique flare to my paintings. 

My Artwork has been described as "Beatrix Potter-esque" by a local newspaper. Others describe my designs as Ethereal and Whimsical. Using a mix of some very special watercolour paints makes my pieces stand out from the crowd. Watercolours & Watercolour Inks particularly are unpredictable, they are not uniform, and they bleed. The combination of these factors mixed with my free-spirited flare, achieves delightful designs that suit any home.

My Prints are printed on the finest Aquarelle Cotton Rag, using a highly sought-after printing technology and an array of printing inks. 

My ethics are believing that pieces of art and gifts should not be defined by monetary value. Instead, they should be defined by sentiment, memories and love. You as the recipient or even if this is for a gift, have something to treasure forever without having to pay a fortune for a piece of artwork. I don’t believe in “settling” either, so I do not and will not use high street paints. I truly believe you can see the difference in the colour, texture and flow of my paintings due to the paints I use.

I hope you love my work.

Thank you.