Online Relaxing Watercolour Workshop

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You asked! So I made it happen. It's official, you can now join me, Pomegranate Peaches & paint alongside yours truly. This workshop will allow you to work with me, see how I work, learn from my techniques & explore your own imagination in a very relaxed manner. After a brief introduction by me, we will begin creating your own piece. Throughout the 2 hour workshop, you can chat all things Art & ask me questions. It's an all round great opportunity. There are 10 spaces available on each workshop. Each workshop will take place on ZOOM. So please ensure you have the necessary account. I will email you once you have booked with the details. All times are English timezone. You do not need any prior experience with painting, none whatsoever.

What are the benefits?
- My method of painting & the one I'll teach you is very relaxing, soothing & immersive.
- I force you to step outside of your comfort zone, & just create. Ditching the pencils for the outline, ditching the idea that you can't paint & ditching your anxiety & woes for 2 hours. You can then use this creativity in your own time too & continue the benefits.
- You'll come away with more confidence & a boost. I will surprised if you don't want to do it again with me.
- Develop a new hobby that's not only therapeutic but beneficial to help ease day to day anxieties.

What will you learn & what will you do?
- You will learn how to paint without restrictions due to pencil outlines. I will completely rid you off having the idea you must prepare & excessively plan your piece.
- How to use Watercolour Paints: Inks & Solid pans! This is why, as outlined below, I would suggest you buy inks.
- Learn Wet on Wet technique, Brush Dancing, Layering & Underpainting, Dry Washes, Blending & Gradients, Blooms (one of my faves) & Splashes!
- You'll learn to accept your unique style. I encourage you to be free spirited with your painting.
- You will create your very own piece of original Artwork. Maybe even 2 pieces.

What do you need?
- Preferably Watercolour Inks, such as "Ecoline", of which can be found on Amazon. They do a pack of 5 or a pack of 10. These inks will last you around 12 months if you were to correctly use them multiple times per week for 26 weeks. Solid watercolour palettes. Make sure, whatever you purchase, it is Watercolour paint.
- Watercolour Paper, preferably "Cold Pressed NOT Watercolour Paper." This type of paper is textured! You can also buy this online at Amazon, Jacksons or in store at The Range. "NOT" refers to the texture. Some may use the word "rough". A4 or A3 size.
- Watercolour Brushes! Take your pick. Ensure they're actual Watercolour Brushes though. Amazon do some good selections.
- Empty jars, water, some kitchen roll or old rag & an empty painters palette.
- Good white bright light.

Terms & Conditions:
- The student agrees to not exploit me & use this workshop for financial gain or business use. This is not a business workshop.
- I request we keep the discussion to Art based conversations, with no vulgarity.
- If you need to cancel, please do so, but please use etiquette when doing so. I am not here to keep your money, but at the same time, it isn't fair if you were to cancel at the last minute due to nothing serious & then expect a refund.
- You may book more than one session. There is no limit to how many you may book. You may book for all 3 types workshops if you wish.
- If you have other family members in the same household that wish to attend too, please reserve their place too & pay for their place too. There is a maximum of 10 places. I will not allow for unbooked & unpaid for students.
- 16+ years old, if younger than 16, please ensure a parent is with them, as well as booking a slot for all members.

The times of each workshop are later in the day to allow for my Canadian & American customers to join. All times are done before the brightest sunlight disappears.