Very Limited Edition Prints


Here we have 3 extremely limited edition prints available. There are only 40 of each available & I have the first handful in stock currently. Up for grabs you have the choice of:

1) My Logo, Pomegranate Peaches Logo. Featuring not only my iconic Bumble Bee in the centre, but also a wreath going around the Bee full of snippets of my botanical work from various other works.
2) Sperm Whales - big ones, baby ones and in-between ones. These are so adorable & lovely to look at, in beautiful shades of blues, purples & some greens.
3) My iconic Bees, all 4 of them, on one print! Random sizes and positions, they are so vibrant and fluffy.

Other illustrated products are also available in this piece.
Only 40 (instead of my usual 100) produced. VERY Limited edition. Ready to ship.

It's printed on A5/15x21cm Aquarelle Cotton Rag paper and is archivable for upto 70 years. (Meaning, if you don't place this in direct sunlight, it won't fade for 70 years.)
The are unmounted & unframed.

I am part of the whole printing process, right from the scanning, to adjusting the colours to ensure a true likeness to the original and right to the end product and printing. Printing takes place locally.

I paint the originals pieces in my 280+ year old English cottage. My paintings are handmade using high pigmented watercolour inks to achieve a statement piece of artwork.